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Home Maintenance Services | Grand County, Colorado
Home Maintenance Services | Grand County, Colorado



We make it easy to stay on top of monthly home maintenance. Whether you’re looking for short-term rental (STR) maintenance services to keep up with your rental property requirements or home maintenance services that give peace of mind knowing simple tasks are taken care of throughout the year, we have the perfect plan for you. Plus, with our concierge maintenance plan, you can easily customize monthly maintenance services to knock out that to-do list.

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Short-Term Rental Maintenance

Our short-term rental (STR) monthly maintenance plan gives you 24/7 access to an on-call maintenance team that is available for emergency needs. STRs and vacation homes require a local person to be available in case of emergencies when owners can’t get to the property within an hour. We’re centrally located in Grand County making it easy for us to drive to your property if an emergency maintenance issue occurs. Call us today to learn more, (970) 531-1308.

Home Maintenance Services | Grand County, Colorado
Home Maintenance Services | Grand County, Colorado

Monthly Maintenace

Monthly home maintenance is the perfect solution for busy homeowners. Our maintenance professionals offer monthly visits to your home to ensure that every detail and component of your home’s exterior and interior are addressed from dryer vent cleaning to smoke detector battery replacement – and everything in between.

Your monthly maintenance service will provide an added layer of peace of mind by ensuring that everything looks and operates as it should. We are committed to going above and beyond the usual monthly maintenance service level with a guarantee that will keep you feeling secure and content each month knowing your home is taken care of.


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Monthly Maintenance Plan

Monthly Maintenance Plan

Takes care of ongoing and seasonal home maintenance tasks, so you can enjoy peace of mind all year long.

Our monthly maintenance plan includes:

✓ One 2-hour visit each month.
✓ Additional time may be added for an additional cost.
✓ One FREE month with a one-year subscription.

Monthly Maintenance Concierge Plan

Monthly Maintenance Concierge Plan

Give us your to-do list each month and your dedicated handyman will show up to cross items off your list.

✓ Focus on YOUR projects and tasks.
✓ One 2-hour visit each month.
✓ Additional time may be added for an additional cost.
✓ One FREE month with a one-year subscription.

Short-Term Rental Maintenance Plan

STR Maintenance Plan

Our short-term rental maintenance plan will ensure that while renting out your property, you can rest assured that we have your back during emergencies.

✓ Meets Grand County short-term rental maintenance requirements.

✓ 24/7 access to an on-call maintenance team.


  • Why does Grand County require a maintenance program for short-term rentals?

    It can be dangerous to have a rental with occupants and the owner isn’t close enough to be available if emergencies arise. There are all sorts of issues that could come with vacation rentals, but having a person on-call to quickly assess any issues protects the rental and the community. To learn more about Grand County’s Short Term Rental rules, visit here.

  • What is included in the maintenance program?

    We have different maintenance program packages, depending on the level of coverage needed: monthly maintenance plan, monthly concierge maintenance plan, and short-term rental maintenance plan.

    • The monthly maintenance plan includes 2 hours of maintenance service each month. During our scheduled visit we’ll take care of ongoing and seasonal maintenance tasks that keep your home operating in top shape.
    • The monthly concierge maintenance plan gives you the opportunity to tell us what you want to be done during our scheduled visit. Let’s knock out that to-do list and get things done!
    • The short-term rental maintenance program gives you peace of mind that your property is taken care of when emergencies happen with guest stays. Just give our team a call and we’ll be the local STR emergency contact you need.

    Give our team a call at (970) 531-1308 to see a full list of what is included in each package.

  • Do you have emergency services?

    Our short-term rental maintenance program offers 24/7 emergency service. Once you’re signed up, you or your HOA contact can call our team anytime with emergency needs for your rental property.