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Why is a Family Operated Business That is Locally Owned Important?

Why is a Family Operated Business That is Locally Owned Important?

Wheatley Creek Services is a family-operated business locally owned in the heart of Grand County, Colorado. Our business focuses on providing quality home services to full-time residents, second homeowners, and short-term rentals in our community. Why does being a family-operated business that is locally owned benefit from this core focus?

We’ve raised our children here, heck, we were raised here, and we’re familiar with the seasons, all of that snow, and how that snow drives vacationers to our area. We understand the importance of being local and what that means to the locals of our communities. We invest in our community by donating time to non-profit organizations, sponsoring local events and youth sports, and networking with local businesses. We regularly attend local events and volunteer with local organizations, so we’re part of the future of change in our community. This desire to be involved has helped us continue to be vested in our community, which is essential to our local roots, future generations, and business.

When someone says they’re local, yes, it means they live locally, but it also means they feel the heartbreak of traumatic events like wildfires and the togetherness felt when the community works to rebuild. It means that we also share in the love for growing our community and working with other locals to build a better future for our community.

We feel that this investment in the community and understanding the changes expected as the seasons change also helps us provide a more trusted, reliable, and loyal service from our business to the community. Our duty is to be a united team – we’re family – and provide the longevity expected from a local business.

Wheatley Creek Services, Family Operated & Locally Owned
Wheatley Creek Services, Family Operated & Locally Owned

Where Did “Wheatley Creek” Come From?

Because of their love for a piece of land – later known as The Wheatley Creek Ranch – two brothers, Forrest and George Wheatley, homesteaded up the East Fork of the Troublesome in the early 1900s. The brothers came from Chicago to Denver in 1887 at a young age and later set out to homestead and ranch in Middle Park. The homestead was built along a creek later renamed after the family, Wheatley Creek.

Today, there is the Wheatley Creek Trail that offers a 13.7 mile loop hike considered to be difficult with elevation gains of 3,450 feet.

George Wheatley is the great-grandfather to Isreal Allen, owner of Wheatley Creek Services and a fourth-generation Grand County resident. To learn more about the Wheatley Family of the Troublesome, visit Grand County History Stories.

Wheatley Creek Services, Family Operated & Locally Owned

Our Family Story

Isreal’s maternal side of the family, Milton and Idelia Baumgarten, also carved their way into the history books of Grand County, most notably being named Citizen of the Year, teachers of the year, and homesteading in Kremmling. With all of these local roots, Isreal was destined to stay in Grand County and raise his family here, too.

Isreal and Kasy were married in 2005 and raised their two boys in Grand County. Kasy moved to Grand County in 1995 from Texas and brought with her those Southern roots we love, including Southern charm, Southern cooking, and Southern family traditions. She’s been known to gift boiled peanuts and serve up a delicious bowl of gumbo.


The buffalo vs. cow metaphor is often used to describe different approaches to life or work. When a storm is approaching buffalos, instead of running away from the storm, buffalo instinctively charge directly into it, making it through the storm quicker. This metaphor often inspires individuals to face challenges head-on, embrace change, and proactively overcome objectives. On the other hand, cows tend to be more passive and move away from storms. This metaphor suggests that some individuals avoid challenges, seek comfort, and resist change. Overall, the buffalo vs. cow metaphor encourages people to be more like the resilient, proactive buffalo, taking on challenges and making the most of difficult situations.

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Our Vision, Mission, and Values

We built our business based on a shared vision, mission, and set of values that embodies our own family values and as a promise to deliver exceptional service to our community.

Our vision is to be our community’s go-to home service provider by putting our clients and team at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to be the best in our industry and community, and we’re passionate about getting there. We push ourselves to be better daily, thrive on growth, and work together as a team to achieve our mission.

Our manifesto is True Grit, and we wrote our values based on that. When writing down our values, we embraced the love of our community and wanted to incorporate our family history, too. Those early homesteaders had to be tough – they had to be versatile and adaptive to survive the harsh climates of Grand County (and what gave The Troublesome its very name). As a family, we, too, must be versatile and adaptive – we overcome tough situations and learn to lean on one another to continue to grow. Our values are:

  • Tenacity: We never give up; we persevere in the face of challenges. We are buffalo.
  • Resilience: We adapt and bounce back from setbacks, stronger than before.
  • Unity: We work together as a team, fostering collaboration and support.
  • Excellence: We consistently deliver the highest quality in everything we do.
  • Growth-Oriented: We embrace a growth mindset, always seeking to improve.
  • Reliability: Our commitment is to be dependable and trustworthy.
  • Integrity: We conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards.
  • Trustworthiness: We uphold the highest level of dependability, ensuring the confidence and reliability of our actions and interactions.

With our leadership team united, our hopes have always been that our team – from employees to managers – also have a shared sense of belonging to the family.

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Carrying on Traditions Built Through Time

Supporting a locally owned business delivers a sense of community as locally owned businesses are the heart and soul of the economy. Locally owned businesses embody the value of hard work and dedication. When you support local businesses, you’re investing in the growth and success of the community.

A family-operated business embodies stability, longevity, and the ability to get along – especially during tough times. We work towards a common goal and have to be versatile and adaptive. We work hard to create something real for future generations and deliver our clients a strong sense of trust. When you support a family-operated business, you’re getting service from a stable, customer-friendly, trustworthy, and more approachable company that is generally truer to its company values as a whole. We focus on long-lasting, beneficial relationships; our reviews share these personal experiences with our services.

Wheatley Creek Services was founded on the passion, tenacity, and values the Wheatley Brothers built upon when they first came to Grand County. We hope to continue the traditions built through time and start a few of our own. Our core focus is to deliver the best home services in Grand County – our vision, mission, and values will continue to deliver on this core focus.