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Everything You Need to Know About Lead-Based Paints

Everything You Need to Know About Lead-Based Paints

If you are a homeowner, you have likely heard about the dangers of lead-based paints. But what exactly is lead-based paint and why is it such a concern? It is important to be aware of this issue as lead poisoning can cause serious health problems. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about lead-based paints and how to keep your family safe.

What Is Lead-Based Paint?

Lead based paint is any type of paint that contains more than 0.5 percent of lead by weight or volume. This type of paint was widely used before 1978 in both residential and commercial buildings due to its durability and resistance to weathering. Unfortunately, these same qualities also make it dangerous if ingested or inhaled.

lead paint hazard
lead paint hazard
lead paint hazard

Health Risks Associated With Lead-Based Paint

Lead poisoning can have devastating consequences for children, including lower IQ, behavioral problems, slowed growth, hearing problems, headaches and abdominal pain. Adults exposed to lead can suffer from reproductive issues, memory problems, muscle and joint pain, high blood pressure and even kidney damage.

How To Protect Your Family From Lead-Based Paint Hazards

If your home was built before 1978 then there’s a chance that the walls may contain traces of lead-based paint. The best way to protect yourself is to get your home professionally inspected by an experienced contractor who specializes in identifying potential hazards related to lead exposure. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action for removing any existing hazards in your home. Additionally, homeowners should keep their windows closed when undergoing any renovations that involve sanding down walls or stripping away old layers of paint – as this can cause dust particles containing lead particles become airborne and potentially dangerous if breathed in by anyone inside the house. Finally, always wash hands thoroughly after completing any DIY jobs involving old layers of paint – especially if children live in the house – as well as washing clothes separately from other items after such tasks are completed too.

Lead based paint

Lead poisoning can have devastating effects on both adults and children alike so it’s important for homeowners everywhere to be aware of this serious issue before they start any renovation projects in their homes built prior to 1978 which may contain traces of hazardous material like lead based paints. Thankfully though with the right precautions taken all potential risks associated with living in older buildings with potentially hazardous materials present can be minimized significantly so that everyone stays safe in the long run!