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Understanding the Costs of Professional Window Washing in the Rocky Mountains

Understanding the Costs of Professional Window Washing in the Rocky Mountains

If you’ve ever looked out your window and noticed the stunning Rocky Mountain views slightly obscured by dirt or grime, you know the importance of keeping your windows clean. However, the cost of professional window washing can vary widely, and many homeowners in Grand County, Colorado, often wonder what goes into determining these costs. Here’s an insider look at the factors influencing the pricing of professional window washing services in our picturesque yet challenging environment.

Number of Windows

The first and most straightforward factor is the number of windows you need cleaned. More windows mean more time and labor, naturally increasing the cost. Each window pane counts as one window, and different types of windows (like bay windows, French windows, or sliding doors) can sometimes be counted differently depending on their size and accessibility.

Height and Size of Windows

The height and size of your windows play a significant role in determining the cost of cleaning. Ground-floor windows are generally the easiest and cheapest to clean. However, as windows get higher, the need for specialized equipment and safety measures increases, which can significantly impact the price. More oversized windows also take more time to clean and may require additional tools, increasing the overall cost.

Last Cleaning Session

How often you have your windows cleaned can also affect the cost. If it’s been a long time since the last wash, more dirt and grime will be built up and possibly even hard water stains. This can make the cleaning process longer and more labor-intensive, which might increase the price.

Recent Home Treatments

If your home has recently been sprayed, painted, or stained, this can also affect window washing costs. Residual paint, stain, or other materials can adhere to windows, requiring additional steps to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned without damaging the glass or frames. This extra care requires more time and expertise.

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Our Specialized Cleaning Technique

Unlike many local companies that use standard soap and water for cleaning, we at Wheatley Creek Services take window cleaning to the next level. We use professional window scrapers to scrape off all debris before washing. This method ensures that your windows aren’t just clean but are crystal clear without residual grime or streaks. Although this technique may add a bit to the cost, the results are superior and longer-lasting, providing a clear view for a longer period.

Why Choose the Wheatley Creek Services Team?

At Wheatley Creek Services, we pride ourselves on our expertise in handling the unique challenges of the Rocky Mountains environment. We understand that your home is a significant investment, and maintaining clear, streak-free windows is a part of preserving that investment. Our methods, tailored to these specific challenges, ensure you get the most out of your window washing service.

We also pride ourselves on providing transparent, fair pricing and exceptional service. Our minimum window washing package starts at $500, and clients can expect 2-4 team members to visit the property most of the day. 

Remember, clean windows can transform the feel of your entire home, enhancing natural light and the beauty of our surroundings here in Grand County. Let us help you keep your views clear and your home bright.

Feel free to contact us for more information on window washing or to get a personalized quote. Let the sunshine in with Wheatley Creek Services, where clarity through your windows is just an appointment away!


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