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Winterizing Your Home in Grand County: A Cool Guide to Staying Warm

Winterizing Your Home in Grand County: A Cool Guide to Staying Warm

As the mercury dips and snowflakes start their dance, it’s time to talk about winterizing your home. Here in Grand County, where the thermometer treats zero as a mere suggestion, not prepping your home for winter is like going to a snowball fight armed with a hairdryer – not the best idea! 

1. Keep the Cold Out and the Cozy In

First up, let’s talk about keeping the great outdoors, well, outdoors. Insulation and sealing are like giving your house a big, warm hug. Check your attic, walls, and floors over unheated spaces. Feel cold air? Consult with our team on local recommendations for insulation specialists. And remember, drafts are more than just a bad fantasy football pick – feel a draft around windows and doors? Seal them up with weather stripping.

2. Pipes: The Unsung Heroes

Pipes are the unsung heroes of your home. But in freezing temperatures, they can turn into little troublemakers. Insulate your pipes, especially those in unheated areas. This simple step can prevent a performance of “The Great Indoor Flood” starring your basement and a costly plumber.

Insulate: Wrap those pipes up like they’re going skiing.

Drip Drop: Let faucets drip a little. Moving water is a freestyle swimmer; it doesn’t like to freeze.

3. Heating Systems: The Heart of the Home

Your heating system is the heart of the home, keeping everything toasty warm. Before winter sets in, get your heater checked by a professional because the only thing worse than a cold house is a cold house with a broken furnace.

Filter: Change or clean your filters. A dirty filter makes your heater work harder.

Tune-Up Time: Get an HVAC professional to give your heating system a high-five and ensure it’s ready for the season.

4. The Great Fireplace Adventure

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, it’s more than just a cozy spot for marshmallow roasting – it’s a fantastic heat source for those cold Grand County nights. Get your chimney cleaned and inspected to avoid turning your relaxing fire into a not-so-relaxing fire department visit – read more about creosote build-up and monitoring.

5. Detour for Debris: Gutters and Roof

Roll up your sleeves and tackle those gutters because clogged gutters lead to ice dams, which lead to a leaky roof. While on the roof, watch for any shabby shingles or loose flashing that needs to be repaired before spring thaw starts. 

6. Blizzard Emergency Kits

When a massive snowstorm moves through the County, it tends to shut down most entrances into the community, preventing the semis from getting in to restock our grocery store shelves. Prepare for blizzards by stocking up on split wood for fireplaces, non-perishable snacks, water, warm supplies like clothing and blankets, flashlights and batteries, and personal hygiene items. Board games are a plus!

8. The Fun Stuff: Winter Amenities

Winter amenities like hot tubs and festive lights aren’t just for show but also morale boosters! Keep your hot tub serviced and ready to enjoy on cold nights. Christmas lights bring cheer and make it easier to find your house in a snowstorm! Ask our team about holiday lighting.

9. Outdoor Clean-Up

Before the snow flies, prepare your firewood for a long winter by splitting as much as possible so it’s easier to grab on freezing nights. Swinging an axe when it’s 20 below is never fun – save your fingers and frosty nose by splitting ahead of time. Also, cover all your firewood to make it easier to pull new logs off the pile. Uncovered wood piles allow snow melt to seep between the wood and refreeze, making it almost impossible to pull the wood apart.

Put up all outdoor living furniture or cover it up with furniture covers. Outdoor living furniture is expensive; protect your investment by putting it all away for the winter.


Winterizing your home in Grand County isn’t just about avoiding a cold nose. It’s about making your space a warm, safe, and efficient haven during winter. Think of it as a bear prepping for hibernation – it’s all about comfort and safety.

Stay warm and safe, and remember, we at Wheatley Creek Services are always here to help winterize your property. Snowball fights are optional but highly recommended!